Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun

On Valentine's Day, we were treated to a fun party at our friend, Kristyn's house. It was wonderful to see her great family again. Her sister even brought her 5 day old son to the little party! We love those newborns. This is Kristyn's daughter, Maia, holding "Jofus", I mean Joseph. Isn't Maia a doll?

This is Kristyn's son Mekai, joining in the festivities. He's a cutie. He and Noah added some rough and tumble "boyness" to the otherwise mostly female party.

This is Gracie, Maia, and Maia's cousins. They were all hamming it up for the camera,especially Gracie.

Because our weekend was so packed, Matt and I were not able to celebrate Valentines Day then. Last night he arrives home, walks in the door and tells me to get ready to go. "Go where?" I say. "Out to dinner with me for a belated Valentine's Day dinner". "Awww...that's sweet honey, but this is the first I'm hearing about it and I have not called anyone to watch the kids." I say. "I have it all taken care of. Your sister Cindy should be here any second." As he says this, she pulls in. She even brought Happy Meals for the kids! I was relieved the house was halfway decent and picked up. I was originally going to bring Gracyn, but we decided to leave her with her siblings, and she did great. Not a peep out of her, even though she is teething. Matt and I enjoyed a really nice dinner together, without any kids. That is the first time in almost a year we have been without Gracyn, at least. As we arrive home, we hear loud laughter before we even open the door. Cindy was pulling the kids by their pant legs around the living room while they laid on blankets on the hardwood floor. They were nearly crying they were laughing so hard! So once again, Matt proves he's quite romantic, and once again, my family is there for us by letting us have a night out without kids. Sweet, huh?

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