Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random beautiful things...

My childhood friend since second grade, Kelly, brought her son Brandon over last week for a playdate. Brandon fell in love with one of our dogs, Molly. Molly was so sweet and patient, letting Brandon cuddle her and love on her.

What is more beautiful than a pregnant woman? Not much! This is one of my best friends, Hannah, showing off her baby bump at her shower. Only a few short weeks to go!

This is the scene that greeted me this morning from our backyard. A beautiful sunrise breaking over the horizon. The orange glow was reflecting off of everything...our vehicles, the walls on our house, even the porch posts. It was stunning.

I came across this clip of Salma Hayek nursing a hungry African baby while she was visiting there doing humanitarian work. She nurses her one year old daughter and was able to hold this baby boy and fill his tummy beatiful!


carole said...

That is very interesting, Jen! I love the story she tells of her great grandmother. It makes me wonder if she hadn't heard a story like that if she might not have considered nursing the babe....

Jodi Mockabee said...

Love that she was not embarrassed over this. My mom and her friends used to breastfeed me and my friends in the nursery just so that those in church wouldn't have to come down. How hippy is that? :-) LOL.

As far as the water distiller... actually, it's pretty inexpensive to find a reverse osmosis filter in Home Depot. I believe they are under $200. They clear out about 99% of water additives.

It's much more expensive to get a reverse osmosis filter for your entire home (showers, dishwasher, etc.). (That's why I've skipped showering so much!)

I hope that helps. Nice to "meet" you! :-)

I found the filter we have:

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the sunset pic. It's so pretty.



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