Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Stanley, is that you?"

This afternoon I got a telemarketing phone call. The man was very polite, but all I could think of was this guy sounded just like Stanley from "The Office". I almost wanted to say, "Stanley, is that you? Are you trying to sell me Dunder Mifflin paper?".

Yes, I know Stanley is probably not his real name. Any other Office addicts out there?

That phone call just made me chuckle : )

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Kiley said...

Ha! There is a college age guy that comes to the library where I work and he always reminded me of someone. It dawned on me the other day...Kevin from The Office. He has a similar build and even how his mouth moves is similar. But the most striking resemblence is his voice and inflection, how he says things! Oh, when it came to me, I almost started laughing right in his face! But I held my composure until he was gone...I'll never think of him in the same way :) !


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