Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm tagged!

I was tagged by a good friend of mine, Carole. I have to list 7 random/little known facts about myself. Hmmm...here are a few:

:: I don't like unmelted butter. Neither Matt or I will eat butter on bread unless its completely melted. Even if my butter does not completely melt on my toast, I will either not eat that part, or microwave it to melt all the butter. Watching people spread oodles of butter on Italian bread and eat it while the butter is still in its solid form just about gags me. It always has, and I'm not sure why. I was amazed to find someone else in this world who felt the same way about butter; "love it if its melted, cannot stand it if its not!". That's why I married him. Just kidding.

:: I have always had a fetish with smelling things. Yes, the normal stuff, but also smelling things that my husband or family finds weird. Like cups before I drink out of them. Or clean clothes before I dress. When I was younger I could not even take a test without first smelling the #2 pencil the teacher handed out to the students for the test. I guess I don't like bad smells. Who knows? The hilarious thing is that I seem to have passed this trait on to my kids, much to the bewilderment of my husband and family.

:: Most people swallow a pill by popping it in their mouth, then drinking a bit of water. I do it opposite. I drink a little water first, without swallowing, then pop the pill in. The only reason I can think of for doing this is that some pills taste horrible if they start to dissolve on your tongue before you can drink water and swallow them.

:: Its very hard for me to imagine being "done" having children if we were to stop at #4. When we first got married, we agreed that we wanted "3 or 4" kids. Now, we are about to have #3, and thankfully both agree that we want more after this baby. Matt used to tease me that I was going to go for "an even dozen", even though I didn't feel that way. Now...between our biological children and children we hope to adopt at some point, we may very well end up with a much larger family than we originally planned for. But, we are more than OK with that. The thought of a big family does not scare me at all. I would be lying if I didn't admit that one of the only things that I don't look forward to with having a big family are the comments and looks from people. Its not a reason to not have a big family though, especially if that is what you feel called to.

:: I love dairy products. Any type. Unfortunately, they do not love me. After a severe bout with the flu when I was about 8, it left my body with a slight lactose intolerance. Ice cream and glasses of milk are the worst for me. It can give me horrible stomach cramps or worse. Its sporadic, though. I can go for a week with no symptoms at all after consuming dairy products often, then, out of the blue, a small amount of dairy will leave me doubled over in pain.

:: I love rearranging furniture in rooms. I love the new look it brings to a room. When I was a teenager I would move my furniture around on a monthly basis. Now that I'm older and my furniture seems much heavier, I resist that urge. I am, however, in the midst of moving our bedroom around. Its long overdue and the room has been arranged this way for several years.

:: I don't like scary movies. It always seems that within a few days of seeing something scary, I find myself having to walk to our garage late at night in the dark, or across a darkened parking lot, etc. Remembering the movie makes my mind go wild with possibilities and it creeps me out. I also don't like dead bodies. I'm sure most people don't, but I used to get myself so worked up about just seeing a dead body at a funeral that I would avoid funerals and almost get sick to my stomach. The worst job in the world to me would be that of an undertaker or a medical examiner...yuck!

There you have it....wild and wacky facts about yours truly. Now that I have shared my deep dark secrets with you, its time to pick others to tag. I'm supposed to tag 7 others, but since my blog is so new, I don't know that I have 7 readers, let alone 7 readers who also have blogs of their own. So, the only one I can think to tag is Hannah.

Here are the rules for the game:*Link to the person that tagged you*Post the rules on your blog.*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.


Much progress has been made here in the last few days to a week. On more than one "front". Noah is truly potty trained now. He has not had an accident in days, has been waking up from naps dry, and will go for hours between visits to the bathroom. Its almost as if he does better when we don't remind him. He just leaves the room, then a minute later you hear the potty flush and he asks for help pulling his underpants back up. He still wears a diaper at night, which I am fine with. Even with that, he is waking up much dryer than usual lately. The only time he needs a diaper other than sleeping is for #2, which is pretty common. I think soon he'll completely transition over to the toilet for everything.

My nesting instinct is kicking in full force. I feel like I have been so productive as of late. The last two nights I went through tons of papers. Most of these had been stored in a large desk in our bedroom, but my disorganization had taken over and I was even filling laundry baskets with papers to "sort and file". Yeah, right. I wondered why it seemed all my laundry baskets had disappeared. Now I know why. I threw away 3 trash bags of outdated or unwanted papers. I consolidated down to one large laundry basket of files that need to be placed in our 2 drawer file cabinet. Its amazing to me that we went from a huge desk, plus several "overflow" baskets to just a simple 2 drawer file cabinet. Wow! Not only did I unearth a lot of junk that could be trashed, but I found important stuff as well. Those missing birth certificates for Rylee and Noah that I searched in vain for last summer so we could take my in-laws to the Canadian side of the falls. Yup, I found em. Guess what else I found?! Money. Yup. While sorting through birthday cards for Noah from last year, I found a $10 bill that never got deposited into his savings account. And even better yet, I found an envelope that neither Matt or I remember. It probably came from his ordination this past June, but we honestly don't remember where this came from, but we found $100 cash in an envelope. Yes, $100!! That will help pay off his laptop sooner.

As great as it was to sort through everything and gain a little more space, I gained a sense of accomplishment and even a little peace as well. Its hard to feel restful and peaceful in the midst of total chaos and clutter. I also feel great about doing something I have literally put off for about 5 years. And you know what, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it would take a whole day, or more. It took about 4 hours. Isn't life like that? The things you put off and dread the most are often not nearly as bad as we make them out to be in our minds. Now I know why they say the battlefront is in our minds. Determining to do something is truly half the battle.

When I see progress, it spurs me on to get more done so I can see even more progress. Its really a snowball effect for me. How much more can I get done? Well, lets just see! After all, I have 11 weeks and 5 days before my due date, so hopefully that means almost 12 weeks of nesting instinct spurring me on!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More on potty training ...

After only a little success in November, I reluctantly had to put potty training Noah on the back burner for a bit. With Christmas and New Years fast approaching, and a 10 hour car ride (one way) to visit Matt's family, it just didn't seem like the timing was working out. Also, I was up to my eyeballs in Christmas shopping and making/selling jam. Almost every day we were out running errands, taking Rylee to art lessons or ballet class, at church, etc. These places, and car rides in general, are not very "friendly" to the potty training toddler. When he says he has to go, he means NOW, not in 10 minutes when we reach a restroom.

I tried last week to start him back up going on the potty. I thought he would at least pick up right where we left off, with maybe only a day's delay. I was wrong. I tried. I really did. By Tuesday night I was ready to beat my head against the wall. After over a weeks worth of fairly consistently putting him in underpants and reminding him often, we literally had only a success or two. I was beyond frustrated. I had decided I had two options. I could give up again temporarily and give it another try in say, a month. My selfish pride at knowing my little guy was going to turn 3 in just a few weeks really ate at me. I wanted him to be at least mostly, if not fully potty trained by the time he was 3. Why? I don't really know, but it would have made me feel better. My other option was to start getting much more firm about it. My mother in law said the only way she got Matt trained was to start spanking him when he didn't use the potty. Sounds terrible, I know. But, he knew what he was doing and was specifically avoiding the potty. He was so laid back in his personality, that he needed that push. I think she said she only had to spank him a couple of times and he got the hint and was trained almost overnight. Noah has a very similar personality, so I had considered taking this route. After getting off the phone with my sister yesterday, and talking a lot about potty training (Brock is pretty much trained!), Noah, who was wearing a diaper at the time, came up to me and said, "I want to go potty on the big potty, Mommy!" I was shocked to say the least. Not expecting a lot, I set him up there. He immediately went. Boy, did I clap and praise! Noah was grinning from ear to ear. He continued that way the rest of the day with NO accidents. I did put him in a diaper at nap time, but only then. This morning he has already had an accident, but has been in underpants for several hours. I'm hoping yesterday started something. I think we rounded a corner!

On a totally different note, I mentioned I was saving my profits from my jam sales this fall for a new couch and love seat. Matt and I went shopping recently and found something we both love. The couch and love seat should be delivered this weekend. Goodbye ugly, old, stinky couch!!!! It felt so good to know all those times when I was up until 3:00 am making jam and sooo tired, finally paid off. Our first time with new living room furniture. Its very exciting.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh, my aching back!

Remember yesterday, when I said I don't really "do" New Years resolutions, but I do like the inspiration that tends to come with the new year? Well, I've been getting a ton of stuff done the last few days. It feels soooo good to know that a bunch of these little projects, be they ever so small, are getting done. On the flip side, I'm paying for it physically. I tend to have quite a bit of tailbone pain when I'm pregnant any time I do any amount of physical work. Honestly, the pain is minor compared to the satisfaction I'm getting watching my list get narrowed down. I love making lists to remind myself of what needs to get done and to keep me on track. These are a few things that I was able to cross off my list the past few days. Don't laugh...some of them are small, but they help keep order in my home.

-Washed, dried, folded, AND put away 2 loads of laundry (the folding and putting away part are a big deal to me, as I sometimes skip that step!)
-Made a bunch of calls to book musicians for our coffeehouse for the next few months.
-Steam cleaned Rylee's bedroom carpet...it looks great.
-Scrubbed both booster seats from my kitchen. Sounds simple, but let me clue you in....they were disgusting!
-After cleaning the boosters, I couldn't just return them to the messy chair they had previously sat in, so I scrubbed and washed and scrubbed some more. They were so crusty and grimy it took me about 20 minutes each for 2 chairs!
-Unpacked myself, Matt and Rylee from our trip over the holidays. Noah is almost there....
-Put away about 60 kids books and cleaned the corner they had previously been inhabiting (once again...crusty and grimy.)
-Swished and swiped both bathrooms two days in a row (you know exactly what this means if you are a Flylady follower. For those who are not, it basically means you clean your sink and toilet in your bathrooms daily)
-Cleaned up Rylee's room and put away a few things that were out.
-Made all three beds two days in a row.
-Cleaned up a whole recycling bin of newspapers that blew away into our yard. They were everywhere. The kids helped and earned a bit of piggy bank money.
-Finally put away some of the kids summer toys that were still in our yard. Better late than never, huh?
-Went to bed each night the last few nights with a clean house, empty sink and swept floors. No crazy morning rush to pick up before kids get dropped off. Nice!

I know, sounds simple, but I'm really so pleased with my accomplishments the last few days. Now if I can just keep this going...

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year...

Happy New Year! I realize its been several weeks since I have posted last, but I have a great excuse...I was out of town visiting my husbands family in Indiana for 11 days. My inlaws have dial up internet and I would rather spend the time with them than post a blog that might tie up their phone line for a while. We had a great time.

As I sit here typing, Noah, Rylee and Brock are outside the window swinging on the swingset. Its beautiful out. No, its not sunny, but its got to be about 60 degrees or so. Are we sure its really January, because Rochester does not usually get this warm at this time of the year. I'm loving it. I'm happy for the kids that they can play outside once again and not be bundled up like an eskimo.

I know a lot of people take this time of the year to proclaim a new years resolution. I guess new years resolutions have never really worked for me. I also feel that if there is a change you want to implement, why wait until the new year? But hey, if it works for you, by all means go with it. Maybe I believe in resolutions but just don't call it that. I really want this year to be one of increased organization in our home. No more hunting for things amidst the clutter. No more junk lying around. Etc...you get the idea. As busy as we are, we don't have the luxury of living in a house that is cluttered and messy. I have been much better about that the past few months, but I want to get even better. Thankfully, baby #3 should be joining us mid April, and adding a new one to our family always spurs me into greater productiveness...possibly out of sheer necessity if nothing else. Yes, the nesting instinct has helped also. I want so much to be a good example to our children in all things. Not just in parenting or spiritual issues, but in keeping an orderly house as well.

I have become a fan of Flylady...ever heard of her? It seems that more and more people I know are getting turned on to her. She gives common sense advice in how to manage your home, and gives you routines to follow everyday until they become a good habit. Its not rocket science. If you can discipline yourself even a little, her advice will start making your home less cluttered and more relaxing to be in.

So, here's to a new year. Hopefully one that brings health, prosperity and peace to all of us. May your "New Year's" wish come true....

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