Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Saturday

My Saturday, that was supposed to find me at home alllll day, actually found me in SuperWalmart with Noah. I ran out of cat food friday night, so I had no option but to run out. Because we live in a tiny town, which only has a couple of tiny stores, my options were limited unless I went to Wegmans or the SuperWalmart. Yes, I could have picked up a small bag of cat food at one of those tiny stores, but it probably would not have been my 3 cats normal brand, thus causing vomit. I don't like cleaning up vomit. Not cat, not human, not get it. It was worth the extra drive to get a huge bag of their normal brand of food just to not have to clean up kitty vomit. Whenever I go to SuperWalmart, I try to plan ahead. I don't like to have to shop numerous times per week because I simply forgot to pick up an item or two needed for a recipe. It worked out well in that Matt called me while I was still shopping to have me pick him up a new circular saw. His had bit the dust, and without a new one, our bathroom project was on hold. Hoping to make some progress in the bathroom, I was more than happy to oblige.

It was a productive day. I didn't do the one thing that I thought I would...put Noah in underpants and sit him on his potty. But, I did get so much cleaning and other things done around the house. My house was almost sparkling this morning, which really just started my day off right. I don't know if that is pathetic that the state of my house can alter my mood, or if it just means I should try all that much harder to keep it clean so I'm less stressed. Regardless, I felt like cleaning even more, which I'm off to do now.

The neighbor children, Peter and Emma, who are 5 and 6, respectively, will probably come play with Rylee and Noah later, which just delights my kids. Peter and Emma are really good kids, so it isn't a bother to invite them over. The best part is that I don't have to drive to pick them up!

As we speak my hardworking, sweet hubby is picking up a new drill bit so he can continue work on our bathroom. It seems like projects easily take at least 4 times longer than you plan on them taking, but at least I'm seeing some progress. Because of the small size of the room, he's been working alone so far. While I have helped in all aspects of laying tile (in our kitchen and other bathroom), I'm grateful this project has mostly been a one man job. Maybe when we lay tile I'll pitch in and help.

Noah, tired from a trip to Walmart with Mommy, fell asleep on my shoulder last night around 7:15. He stayed that way for over an hour and a half before I asked Matt to take him to bed for me. I loved every second of it. While Noah is a very cuddly little guy, he usually doesn't let me hold and cuddle him for that long, so it was such a treat. It makes me all the more anxious to meet this new baby I'm carrying. Newborns just love to held and snuggled. I'm already looking forward to kissing those chubby cheeks my kids seem to be born with. Five more months!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Potty training and comparisons

Last night I commented to Matt that potty training was exhausting. I literally felt tethered to the potty chair. I was afraid to leave the room for more than a minute. My house, which has been undergoing a good cleaning this week, at least up until yesterday, was a wreck last night. This morning found us at homeschooling group lessons. This is a seasonal event where on fridays, we can sign our children up for age appropriate classes. They (our kids) are out of the house socializing, doing fun science (or other) experiments, and I get to mingle with other homeschool parents. Because of this, Noah was in a diaper all morning. When we returned home, it was time for lunch, then nap. Tonight we will spend 4 to 5 hours running the coffeehouse at our church. We bring our kids along. They think its great fun and beg to come. They especially like the shakes and smoothies we make for them. Once again, Noah will be in a diaper. The good news is that I have plans to be home allllllll day tomorrow....I LOVE that! Nothing is more frustrating than having a saturday filled with obligations, especially boring ones. Tomorrow, Matt and I hope to do the bulk of our bathroom renovations that we started back in June. That story, my friends, is a whole other post! That means that Noah can be in underpants and back to training again.

I was thinking this morning, as I sat looking around at the other homeschool parents. I was thinking about how I have a really bad habit of comparing myself to others. I think its mostly bad for me, in that I often come out feeling like I'm holding the short end of the stick. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it our personality? Is it insecurity? I think probably a little of both. Most of my comparisons tend to be with others in similar situations as myself. "She has two kids, just like I do, and her house is sooooo clean you could eat of the floor." I have to remind myself that not everything is at is seems on the surface. Some of my friends have help sometimes with a professional cleaner. That is actually what I do every other weekend for a family, thereby subtracting those precious hours from my house and family. I also have friends who have decided that in this season of their life that they are not able to really volunteer or commit to anything more than sunday AM attendance at their church. Being that we attend a smaller church, which forces everyone to wear a variety of "hats" so to speak, I work plenty at church. It also makes a difference that the head pastor is my father, and that one of the associate pastors is my husband. Do you ever feel as if your time is not truly your own? Well, it really isn' belongs to God but he gives us choices to make in how we spend it.

Do you do this to yourself? I know I cannot be the only one. I know its not how God judges me. I know he isn't holding me up to the measuring stick of everyone else. I think the only way I can stop this is to make a true effort to recognize it when I do it, and put a stop to it. I have to remember that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made". If God feels that way about me, even knowing I have sticky orange juice spills on my tile floor and crumbs stuck in the folds of my sofa slipcovers, then who am I to question him?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Potty training

Well, I think Murphy's Law also extends to potty training as well. After deciding yesterday that today was the day to really work with Noah on potty training, I started him off first thing on the potty chair. I had him sit on it for quite a while, and nothing was happening. Wanting to be a considerate mommy and give his poor buns a rest (and also remembering Rylee walking around with a huge red ring around her butt from sitting on the potty too long when she was training), I put him in his underpants and shirt. No jeans. Within about 5 minutes he had an accident. Thank God for hardwood floors that clean easily. Well, we have had two accidents now this AM. He did manage to go potty once while sitting on his potty chair, however his....ummm...."pee-pee"...wasn't pointed in the downward direction and it actually made a puddle at his feet instead of the potty chair container. I was still proud of him.

I decided to have Brock join Noah as well today in this potty training adventure. For those who don't know, Brock is my nephew. He is 28 days younger than Noah and I watch him full time. My sister has really done a great job training him already. He did manage to have 2 accidents as well, but has gone 4 times on the potty chair so far. He manages to aim perfectly. Any chance you can help Noah out with that, Brock?

I have to say that the two of them look absolutely adorable sitting side by side on their potty's in the living room. If I were mean I would snap a picture. Alas, our digital camera bit the dust and the new one should arrive in another week or 10 days.

Noah was actually pretty scared to even sit on the potty chair at first. Forget the big toilet. Even with the potty seat over the regular seat, it still really freaks him out. I finally broke it down for him....

"Noah, when the new baby comes, its going to need diapers to wear, so you need to be a big boy and start going potty in the potty chair!"

Being the sweet and generous child that he is, Noah stated, "baby can go potty in my potty chair!" This was his way of saying, "let me keep the diapers, you can use my potty chair for the baby!"

I had to explain the baby will be too young and too small to use his potty. After bribing him with juice and reading his favorite book, he agreed to give it a try. Within a few minutes he was actually enjoying himself. I think he felt he had his very own personal chair in front of the TV to watch Clifford from.

Right now he's using his rear to scoot the potty seat around with him so he can still play with his toy motorcycle all over the living room. It almost reminds me of how dogs sometimes scoot their rear along carpets.

Well, I told you this would be exciting. I know you have to agree, and are actually on the edge of your seat waiting for my next update. I promise not to keep you hanging too long : )

Here we go...

Well, after being thoroughly amused and entranced by reading several friends blogs, I thought maybe I would give my own a try. Do I have an abundance of time on my hands and no things to fill it with? HARDLY! In fact, time was a major consideration when deciding whether or not to do my own blog. It basically came down to this: I am HORRIBLE at keeping a journal or diary, or even updating my kids Baby Books. I am a much faster typer than writer, and I enjoy spending time on the computer. Even if nobody but little 'ole me reads this thing, then I will at least have accomplished journaling some of my thoughts and progress of my children. I will feel better about that alone. Also, what a great way to keep in touch with those I don't always get to speak to regularly. At first, I thought my own blog was a little "self serving". Really, what things of interest do I have to speak about? But, I don't ever feel that way reading other's blogs, so why should I feel that way about my own? Besides, I am not forcing anyone to read this. So, if you ever find yourself with a few extra minutes of time on your hands and find yourself very, very bored....ummm....look me up!

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