Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I am learning...

We have sat through 6 of the 10 classes required to become certified foster parents. They started off rather slow and have become more and more insightful and helpful in understanding the needs of the children in the system and how to deal with those children in the most effective manner. At times, the classes have been downright sad and disturbing; talking about giving back children to their birth family that have been with you for years, or talking about sexual abuse and protecting your own biological children. This is what I know now:

~ This (being a foster parent) will likely be the hardest thing we ever do.

~ It will require much time, energy and fortitude to be successful.

~ Foster children deserve so much more than the life they have been dealt thus far.

~ We are ABSOLUTELY meant to do this! Everything in me tells me that this is right time and the right thing.

After a great meeting with our case worker a week ago, we learned that we may be certified earlier than we originally thought. Perhaps as early as December, but definitely by January. Its even possible that we could have children in our home by Christmas.

Made by Lena