Monday, February 9, 2009


Part of me wanted to post about this day just being bad overall...the baby is teething and had me up about 8 times overnight. I woke up not feeling great. And so the day began and it didn't ever seem to really improve all that much. However, I choose to not to devote a whole post to my yucky day. Because...there are so many more important things to dwell on, and I don't want to be so shallow. A week and a half ago, the kids and I were devastated to read that Tuesday had passed away from the Neuromblastoma that had plagued her for the last half year. She was just a little over 2 years old. We did not know her personally, but had been following her mother's blog for about 6 weeks. The kids and I had been praying for her every night and we even sent her cards and coloring pages, complete with our handprints traced on pretty paper. My heart just broke for her family, and especially her little twin sister. A few days later I followed a link in a blog I was reading to another blog. This mother was also writing about her 11 month old daughter who had just been diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with the same type of Neuroblastoma. Little Cora reminded me so much of our little Gracyn...chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes, fair hair and skin. Daily, I would follow the blog and see that Cora was holding her own. There were major bumps in the road, but it seemed like she was somewhat stable. Then, yesterday, I was shocked to read she had passed away early Sunday morning. Once again, a little girl I never met, but still loved by her family. I was crushed. In my head I've been reasoning how its so silly for me to get so upset at these little ones death. Yet, any mother often puts herself in that other mother's shoes. This little one who looked so much like my own daughter is gone, and now her parents are left childless. My consolation is that Cora's parents are believers, and that both girls are in the arms of Jesus, cancer free.

But, oh how my heart breaks for those parents. I have prayed for them so often since hearing their devastating news. I pray mostly for peace for them. As I was reading these sad posts, I felt so full of emotion. I'm so blessed...I'M SO BLESSED!! My children are healthy and full of life. I have an amazing husband. We enjoy our life together and have never had to deal with sadness like these parents are. Since first hearing the news of Tuesday's death, I've noticed I'm a bit more patient. I snuggle the kids close to me and breath them in. I squeeze the baby and hold her so close. I try not to complain when she wants me close in the middle of the night. So, who cares that I got up last night over and over with my fussy baby. At least my baby is here to be held and comforted. So, my kitchen was a mess this morning. At least I had children around to dirty it.

My arms feel full today. Full of blessings. And I'm so grateful.

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Kim said...

What a horrible thing for any mother to face! Thank you for the reminder today! :)


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