Saturday, September 26, 2009


You know its been a long time since you last blogged when you have to try over and over to remember your own blog kidding! I'm here, and alive and doing great. Time slips through my hands faster than you can imagine and it boggles my mind. I must also admit that Facebook is just way too easy to get addicted to. There is a lot more instantaneous gratification available there, also. You post your status update, and within minutes people have commented. It can spoil you.

But, I have also felt like this blog has been neglected as well. Not that there are many readers...all 5 of you, perhaps? And yet, this serves as a journal of sorts. I look back and remember when I first started blogging while pregnant with our third child. Life has changed a lot in the last 17 months since she was born. That brings me to the title of my post.

I was sitting on my couch a minute ago. Just sitting and thinking about how blessed I am. I had just caught up reading several blogs I follow. Blogs written by people who have sick children. One blogger just lost her daughter to cancer. She was just a baby...less than a year. The heartbreaking twist to this story is that she is the second child this family has lost to cancer. I sit here and think about my super healthy children. My warm home. My full refrigerator. My clean clothes. My bed. My faithful husband. My working vehicle. My hot water. The children (ours and others) who are filling up our yard and living room, playing together so nicely. Does it mean I am without "troubles"? No. But, my troubles are so small in comparison to many. And so small to my BIG GOD. I'm blessed beyond measure.

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