Thursday, March 13, 2008


On Tuesday I saw the midwife again. The baby definitely dropped, and is sitting extremely low. I'm 1 cm dilated, which she was pleased with. She was able to touch the baby's head during my internal exam! I have not really started to efface yet, which just tells her that I won't go into labor right away (which is good since my due date is still a month away!). She said the baby is posterior, which is facing upwards, instead of facing towards my spine. She said the baby has plenty of time to turn around. If not, she said my pelvis was "great" and that I could push the baby out face up just fine. I mentioned that I started drinking the raspberry leaf tea today, which is supposed to tone my uterus and make contractions more productive in labor, she said that was great, but she grinned and whispered, "i don't think you will even need its help!" I will start going for appointments every Tuesday from now on. I was also cultured today for Group B Strep. I'll find out soon about those results. If its positive (I was for sure with Noah, and cannot remember with Rylee), then I'll just have to have two rounds of IV antibiotics during labor, but won't be hooked to the IV during my whole labor. It was a great appointment, and Matt got to meet the midwife and liked her quite a bit.

Right after that appointment, we all went to my hairstylists house so Rylee and I could get haircuts. Rylee got about 2 or 3 inches taken off, and really looks so much older. Its not getting tangled nearly as easily, and she is able to help keep it brushed and neat looking. Its still long, just more manageable. I got several inches off of mine, with lots of short layers. My hair is now well above my shoulders, and I even had some bangs cut in that are swept to the side. Its a really low maintenance cut, and so far I have received a bunch of compliments. I think I've become very predictable when it comes to getting a 3rd trimester "new hairstyle". It has happened with all 3 pregnancies. I feel better about myself with an updated "do", I guess.

I have something funny to report...did you ever get one of those emails that says to spread a bunch of Vicks Vaporub all over your feet, then cover with socks if you have a bad cough? Well, after Noah and I barely slept Tuesday night, I was desperate to try something other than standard cough medicine. Last night I spread it all over both of our feet, then covered them in socks. Did it work? Amazingly, I did not cough even one time once I turned out the light, and Noah was absolutely silent the whole night? I doubt it was a coincidence, as we have both coughed a bit this AM, and were coughing last night before bed. I guess you could say that I'm a believer now. I have no idea why or how this works. Especially on your feet, the furthest point from your nose, where you could breath the vapors in, but it does work. Still a skeptic? Next time you are hacking away, losing sleep, try it.

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Carole said...

How exciting about the baby! and how funny about the vapor rub!


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