Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun things...

After church today I asked Matt (we had to drive separate today) to pick up some Chinese food on the way home, for lunch. Can I just say that I love Chinese food? Today we got vegetable lo mein and sweet and sour chicken...YUM! I loved not having to cook a quick meal. We are always so hungry when we get home from church, and nobody, including myself, wants to wait long to eat.

I also love naps. I especially love Sunday afternoon naps. I like them even better when I'm having trouble sleeping at night like I have been lately. I think its just the normal "end of pregnancy" fitful sleep. I got to take a nap today, which was great!

I love it when my kids are sweet to each other and well behaved. Not only does it make parenting easier, but it makes me proud.

Today, some friends of ours got us 3 outfits for the new baby. All three were gender neutral, so we are safe for whatever gender we have. My favorite was an adorable aqua colored one that said, "I love Daddy!" It was so much fun to get stuff for the new baby. It was amazing to see how small the 0-3 month size was, and to know that when our little one is born in roughly 5 weeks that it will fit in this size. I was grateful our friends did not get us "newborn" size, as those clothes never seem to fit my good sized babies.

I was thinking today that I have some things that need to get done soon in preparation for the baby:

:: Set up crib, which will entail rearranging Noah's room and giving my sister a preschool size desk for Brock to make room for everything.

:: Take a trip to Walmart, so I can use my gift card to stock up on tiny diapers, and other essentials.

:: Buy a sensitive detergent (although my kids have never had problems or allergies with their skin), and wash at least a weeks worth of baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes. Since we don't know what we are having, I want to be ready and not have to do a bunch of laundry my first day home from the hospital!

:: Set up our bassinet in our room, although I have yet to bear a child that enjoys sleeping in it!

:: Write out a list for my nephew, Jordan, who will house sit for us while we are in the hospital. He will need to know how often to feed the animals, and how much, etc. He has house sat once before, so it shouldn't be a major thing, but I would still like to be ready

:: Pack the "all essential, hospital bag". I will pack as much as I can ahead of time, then I'll just have to make a list of last minute items to include. There are so many things I only have one of, that I use every day (hair dryer, toothbrush, address book with phone numbers) that I'll have to pack these at the last minute. I've never really gone into labor on my own, other than my water breaking with Rylee. Even then, it was 24 hours with no contractions before it was determined I would have to be on Pitocin. I was induced with Noah because of a condition called Polyhydramnios, which is excessive amniotic fluid. In both instances, I had plenty of time to make sure I had everything I needed.

Yes, I do have some work ahead of me, but its actually fun stuff. After all, I'm getting prepared to meet the newest member of our family, otherwise known currently as Baby #3.

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