Wednesday, March 26, 2008

19 days to go...

Yup, just 19 days to go, more or less. I saw my midwife again last night for another weekly appointment. She said the baby had really grown quite a bit since last weeks appointment and was noticeably larger. I, on the other hand, lost a pound. I was told that is pretty common for this stage of the pregnancy. I had to laugh when I remembered how much I ate on Easter, and how I had been sneaking candy from the kids baskets this week. Now I don't feel as bad! She was really happy with the fact that I am having a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions and the baby's activity level (it likes to kick her when she feels its position). She thought I might have more amniotic fluid than before, so if it seems that way to her next week also, then she'll likely send me for another ultrasound to measure the fluid. If it is indeed high, then she won't want me to go much past my due date. Those are a lot of "ifs", though. I'm not at all concerned. I really, really should pack my hospital bag, seeing as I'm now considered full term and the baby could come any time. I guess I'm not overly worried about it as both my other kids showed up after their due dates.

I'm really just wanting to finish up a few projects around the house that will really make me feel "ready". I'm hoping this weekend will help me accomplish just that. I would LOVE to finish the bathroom this weekend. Who knows how much longer this nesting instinct will stick around?!

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