Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Much progress has been made here in the last few days to a week. On more than one "front". Noah is truly potty trained now. He has not had an accident in days, has been waking up from naps dry, and will go for hours between visits to the bathroom. Its almost as if he does better when we don't remind him. He just leaves the room, then a minute later you hear the potty flush and he asks for help pulling his underpants back up. He still wears a diaper at night, which I am fine with. Even with that, he is waking up much dryer than usual lately. The only time he needs a diaper other than sleeping is for #2, which is pretty common. I think soon he'll completely transition over to the toilet for everything.

My nesting instinct is kicking in full force. I feel like I have been so productive as of late. The last two nights I went through tons of papers. Most of these had been stored in a large desk in our bedroom, but my disorganization had taken over and I was even filling laundry baskets with papers to "sort and file". Yeah, right. I wondered why it seemed all my laundry baskets had disappeared. Now I know why. I threw away 3 trash bags of outdated or unwanted papers. I consolidated down to one large laundry basket of files that need to be placed in our 2 drawer file cabinet. Its amazing to me that we went from a huge desk, plus several "overflow" baskets to just a simple 2 drawer file cabinet. Wow! Not only did I unearth a lot of junk that could be trashed, but I found important stuff as well. Those missing birth certificates for Rylee and Noah that I searched in vain for last summer so we could take my in-laws to the Canadian side of the falls. Yup, I found em. Guess what else I found?! Money. Yup. While sorting through birthday cards for Noah from last year, I found a $10 bill that never got deposited into his savings account. And even better yet, I found an envelope that neither Matt or I remember. It probably came from his ordination this past June, but we honestly don't remember where this came from, but we found $100 cash in an envelope. Yes, $100!! That will help pay off his laptop sooner.

As great as it was to sort through everything and gain a little more space, I gained a sense of accomplishment and even a little peace as well. Its hard to feel restful and peaceful in the midst of total chaos and clutter. I also feel great about doing something I have literally put off for about 5 years. And you know what, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it would take a whole day, or more. It took about 4 hours. Isn't life like that? The things you put off and dread the most are often not nearly as bad as we make them out to be in our minds. Now I know why they say the battlefront is in our minds. Determining to do something is truly half the battle.

When I see progress, it spurs me on to get more done so I can see even more progress. Its really a snowball effect for me. How much more can I get done? Well, lets just see! After all, I have 11 weeks and 5 days before my due date, so hopefully that means almost 12 weeks of nesting instinct spurring me on!

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livethecovenant said...

Good for you! Decluttering is incredibly liberating isn't it. Steve laughs at me when I really get going because there's even a little singing and dancing that goes into it when I really start seeing the desired result. We've come a long way. I used to be so bound by "stuff". Everything had a memory attached to it, everything had a potential purpose, everything had me...I didn't have everything. I finally came to the conclusion that I want our home to be living space, not storage space. I've still got some odds and ends to go through but for the most part we are living in the present and enjoying it so much more. All that to say I know how you feel and YOU GO GIRL!
God bless & keep you!
Love & Prayers,


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