Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thoughts on waiting... I'm now 3 days "overdue"...whatever that means. This morning, while growing increasingly more frustrated at the slow pace of things, I tried to put it all in perspective. Lets see. What is the worse case scenario about how long it can take to wait on this baby. Standard practice in the medical world is to not allow a woman to go more than 2 weeks overdue. At that point, amniotic fluid is often decreased or getting reabsorbed, the placenta is starting to break down, and the womb, which has been a place of protection and growth just is no longer the best option for the baby. Add 2 weeks to my due date of April 14th, and you get April 28th. Today is April 17th. At most, I have 11 more days of being pregnant. YIKES! But, with that being said, the end IS in sight, and the "prize" is so worth it. My mom was 14 or 15 days overdue with me. Now that I'm just a few days past my due date, all I can think about that is "poor mom! I'm sorry I took so long to come!"

Even though I know that only about 10% of babies are born on their due dates, I think I mentally prepared myself that April 14th was the magic day. So when it rolled around, then a new day started, then another day started, etc...well, you tend to think your baby and your body just never got the memo that ITS TIME! In the meantime, I'm trying, really, trying to be patient. After all, what is 3 days? Not long. And at the longest, I only have 11 days before I meet our 3rd child. I'm blessed when you think about it that way.

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