Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 days to go????

5 days to go...or that is what they are saying. However, I saw my midwife last night and I am now about 3 cm dilated, and having very strong Braxton Hicks contractions the last 2 evenings. Things may very well happen in the next few days...we'll see! I'm ready to meet this little one, whether it decided to show up today, or 2 weeks from now.

It has been absolutely beautiful out the last several days. The kids have taken bike rides with Daddy (I stayed home...can you blame me?), and I took the kids on a long walk down the street to see their friends for a few minutes. I think that is what started the strong contractions, actually! Yesterday, Brock, Noah and Rylee all played outside for about 2 hours. The played on the swing set, played in the little forest behind the house, and had all sorts of fun in the sandbox. Matt took Noah's pants off last night at bedtime and commented on all the sand that came pouring out of his pants. I opened our windows for several hours yesterday, for the first time of the season. It was great. I even wore flip flops to my midwife appointment and wasn't the least bit chilly. I hear its supposed to get cold again over the weekend and early next week. That stinks, but at least I enjoyed this little warm spell while it lasted.

As for the bathroom project...its DONE!!! The only thing I would like to do is have Matt put a touch of caulk over his nail holes where he attached the trim to the wall. Not a big deal at all! Knowing things could happen quickly as far as the baby arriving, I have a lot of little things I would like to get done today. Laundry folded, carpets vacuumed, floors mopped, etc. There are some small things I would like to put away, and if I have time, I would love to hang some pictures in our bedroom. I have a whole box of them that were displaced when we moved our bedroom around in January. All our bags are packed for the hospital. I even included a little list of last minute things to pack (cell phone, toothbrush, camera, etc). The kids both have bags packed so they can stay with my sister while we are in the hospital. I even vacuumed out our van so it would be nice and clean. I set up our pack and play, with its bassinet insert and changing table in our living room. Diapers are waiting to be used. Drawers of gender neutral baby clothes are waiting. A brand new diaper pail sits beside the changing table upstairs. All that is left is the baby. And that will come when its ready to...

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