Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Pregnant...

Well, I'm officially 2 days past my due date, but the baby does not seem to think so. Its content to "bake" a little longer. I'm now 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. My midwife said that I cannot get much more dilated without going into labor, however this past week saw only a very minor change in how much I had dilated, so things seem to be moving more slowly at this point. I'm content, at least at this point, to let the baby come when it wants to. I'm trying not to become impatient, although I do have to admit that thoughts of labor, contractions, meeting this baby, etc seem to consume almost all my thoughts. I'm trying to avoid any labor inducing things for the sake of being IV free during this labor. So, no Castor oil, no stripping of membranes, no breaking my water, etc. In another week, it may be another story.

I'm so curious whether this little one is a boy or girl. Also, how big will it be? My midwife estimated yesterday around 8 1/2 pounds at this point. If she is right, it would be my smallest baby yet. However, they gain an ounce or two a day at this point, so every day its getting a bit bigger. My kids are soooo anxious to go stay with their cousins overnight for a few nights. I have to keep telling them we are just waiting on the baby. I was hoping to be at church on Sunday (preferably with the baby) as we have our missionaries from the Philippines in, followed by a potluck dinner. I thought it would be the perfect time (as long as I was out of the hospital) to introduce the baby, but we'll have to see. Who knows how I'll feel, also.

My house is super clean, my laundry is caught up, I'm picking up just a few grocery items this morning while Rylee is at her art lesson. I might even stop by the library for some reading material to pass the time. I've been avoiding getting books from the library because I know myself and know I would get totally absorbed and neglect my house. But, now that I have done 99% of what I wanted to get done, I feel comfortable getting something to make the time go a bit faster. It helps that the weather today is supposed to be wonderful. The kids and I picked up tons of trash that had blown through our yard during the last windstorm from our recycling box. It looks so much better now. Maybe I'll even get a good, long walk in today....

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