Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moving on...

Last night my oldest sister took both kids, along with my niece, and they all made cutout cookies. Matt had practice at church, which left me with several hours of an empty house. I took advantage of that and was able to paint 95% of my bathroom. I only have a few spots of "detail" or "trim" work left, although I will need to go over the whole room a second time. I was really happy with the color. It reminds me of chocolate milk. It goes so nice with the new tile on the floor. This weekend we will buy trim and look for either a medicine cabinet or mirror. After installing those, the room will be done.

Over and over the last few days my thoughts have turned to Laurie and Eric, the parents of the children who died in the accident. Especially Laurie. They are living every parents worse nightmare. How can you not be effected when you think of the gut wrenching sorrow they are experiencing? They are in their late 40's...too late to have an more biological children if they wanted to. The last few days we have hugged our kids a little tighter, held them longer and said more "I love you's". I drove a little slower today on the way to the grocery store. Its unfortunate that it takes such an awful tragedy to remind us to do those sorts of things. Friday we will stand in line and pay our respects to Chris and Tori's parents and do our best to express our profound sympathy at their loss. I have chosen to not attend the memorial service the following day. Its simply too hard, and I know that by going to the calling hours on friday, that it won't really be "necessary" for me to attend both. I know that I'll be thinking of them, though. For a long time. Especially this summer when its time to swim again. We can only pray for Laurie and Eric and trust that God will turn this situation into something good.

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