Friday, February 15, 2008


Yesterday we had our new windows installed. The workers are back again today to finish the project up. Not only did we get new windows, but other improvements were made as well. In total, we got 7 windows replaced, including a huge picture window in our living room. We do have more than 7 windows in our house, but they were replaced either just before we moved in 7 years ago, or 6 months ago when we remodeled what is now Rylee's room. We paid just a bit extra to have the mullions in the glass instead of just plain glass. We also replaced a very beat up storm door, replaced the flashing on the peak of our roofline that blew away in a windstorm a few years ago, had a programmable thermostat installed and more insulation added. Even though they are still not done, the difference could be felt almost immediately. In the past, I would guess that our heat came on a couple times an hour, at least. Yesterday, after they finished the last window, it did not come on for 3 hours! They also provided us with 12 new CFL bulbs. We have been switching over to these as our regular light bulbs died. I'm hoping to see a noticeable difference in our utility bills in the very near future.

I have to say its really exciting to have these improvements made. Our old windows were about 50 years old, and literally caused the "wind" to blow through our house. As far as cosmetically, its a 100% improvement...its really not hard to beat broken windows and chipping, pealing paint!

We have been fortunate the last two years to slowly be able to make improvements to this old house. It definitely makes it feel like my house is beginning to reflect more of my style, instead of the previous owners. Its exciting to have made significant improvements in just about every room. I hope in the next week to finish up our bathroom upstairs. It really only needs about 1 days work, but for whatever reason, it has not happened yet.

In short...improvements rock!

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