Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Saturday

My Saturday, that was supposed to find me at home alllll day, actually found me in SuperWalmart with Noah. I ran out of cat food friday night, so I had no option but to run out. Because we live in a tiny town, which only has a couple of tiny stores, my options were limited unless I went to Wegmans or the SuperWalmart. Yes, I could have picked up a small bag of cat food at one of those tiny stores, but it probably would not have been my 3 cats normal brand, thus causing vomit. I don't like cleaning up vomit. Not cat, not human, not get it. It was worth the extra drive to get a huge bag of their normal brand of food just to not have to clean up kitty vomit. Whenever I go to SuperWalmart, I try to plan ahead. I don't like to have to shop numerous times per week because I simply forgot to pick up an item or two needed for a recipe. It worked out well in that Matt called me while I was still shopping to have me pick him up a new circular saw. His had bit the dust, and without a new one, our bathroom project was on hold. Hoping to make some progress in the bathroom, I was more than happy to oblige.

It was a productive day. I didn't do the one thing that I thought I would...put Noah in underpants and sit him on his potty. But, I did get so much cleaning and other things done around the house. My house was almost sparkling this morning, which really just started my day off right. I don't know if that is pathetic that the state of my house can alter my mood, or if it just means I should try all that much harder to keep it clean so I'm less stressed. Regardless, I felt like cleaning even more, which I'm off to do now.

The neighbor children, Peter and Emma, who are 5 and 6, respectively, will probably come play with Rylee and Noah later, which just delights my kids. Peter and Emma are really good kids, so it isn't a bother to invite them over. The best part is that I don't have to drive to pick them up!

As we speak my hardworking, sweet hubby is picking up a new drill bit so he can continue work on our bathroom. It seems like projects easily take at least 4 times longer than you plan on them taking, but at least I'm seeing some progress. Because of the small size of the room, he's been working alone so far. While I have helped in all aspects of laying tile (in our kitchen and other bathroom), I'm grateful this project has mostly been a one man job. Maybe when we lay tile I'll pitch in and help.

Noah, tired from a trip to Walmart with Mommy, fell asleep on my shoulder last night around 7:15. He stayed that way for over an hour and a half before I asked Matt to take him to bed for me. I loved every second of it. While Noah is a very cuddly little guy, he usually doesn't let me hold and cuddle him for that long, so it was such a treat. It makes me all the more anxious to meet this new baby I'm carrying. Newborns just love to held and snuggled. I'm already looking forward to kissing those chubby cheeks my kids seem to be born with. Five more months!

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