Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here we go...

Well, after being thoroughly amused and entranced by reading several friends blogs, I thought maybe I would give my own a try. Do I have an abundance of time on my hands and no things to fill it with? HARDLY! In fact, time was a major consideration when deciding whether or not to do my own blog. It basically came down to this: I am HORRIBLE at keeping a journal or diary, or even updating my kids Baby Books. I am a much faster typer than writer, and I enjoy spending time on the computer. Even if nobody but little 'ole me reads this thing, then I will at least have accomplished journaling some of my thoughts and progress of my children. I will feel better about that alone. Also, what a great way to keep in touch with those I don't always get to speak to regularly. At first, I thought my own blog was a little "self serving". Really, what things of interest do I have to speak about? But, I don't ever feel that way reading other's blogs, so why should I feel that way about my own? Besides, I am not forcing anyone to read this. So, if you ever find yourself with a few extra minutes of time on your hands and find yourself very, very bored....ummm....look me up!

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