Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was tagged by Carole for this fun post. I am to post the fourth picture from my fourth folder in my pictures archive, then explain. This picture was taken by my sister, Cindy, while we were all on vacation in September of 2007. This is the beach in Corolla, Outer Banks of North Carolina. We has such a wonderful time on vacation that we repeated it this past September. We stayed at an even larger house and my other sister, her husband and kids all joined us. Its become one of our favorite places to visit.

By the grateful am I that the fourth picture in my fourth picture folder was not one of those shots where my kids took my camera and shot really strange items up close, resulting in a weird blurry shot.

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Jen said...

Hey this was fun. I posted my picture. I wasn't sure what I would find...LOL


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