Thursday, January 8, 2009


~ The older I get the more I come to realize that I am a pretty open person. I honestly can not think of a subject that is truly "off limits". I guess I really value transparency. Some of my most favorite people on this earth are those who are open and transparent. Not only do I feel close to them, but it also satisfies my intense curiosity with humans in general. That being said, I realize that not all people are wired that way. That doesn't mean I'm not close to friends who are not as open, just that I love it when they don't hold back. Know what I mean?

~ It amazes me that things as seemingly insignificant as a haircut or trim can really boost my mood or self confidence or whatever you want to call it. I don't know whether that is a good thing that I am that easily boosted, or a bad thing that something so "unimportant" makes me feel better. Hmmm...

~ I like doing laundry for the most part, but find it difficult to follow through and actually put the clean clothes away in the dresser or closet. I'm guilty of living out of laundry baskets at times.

~ My Christmas tree and decorations around the house are STILL UP. Yup, its January 8th. I think that is a record for me. Due to our crazy schedule in December, our tree didn't get up and decorated until a week before Christmas. It was a shame to spend money on a beautiful, fragrant tree and not fully enjoy it, so I kept it up. I think its time, though. Its dry, and I sure could use the space that it occupies. I guess its time to stop listening to Christmas music also. Speaking of which...

~ For whatever reason, I love the song "Santa Baby". The old one that Earth Kitt sang. I also love "Jingle Bell Rock". As for Christmas carol's, probably my favorite would have to be "O Holy Night". Am I the only person that remembers that old Hallmark commercial where the adult son comes home and starts singing that for his family on Christmas gave me goosebumps to see/hear that. Please tell me that someone else remembers that commercial.


BoufMom9 said...

Very nice to get the chance to meet you! I'm glad you decided to leave a comment! It's always so nice to meet someone new, esp when we share things in common :)
I wish you lots of luck in growing your family and many, many blessings in the future .
Hopefully, we can visit each others' blogs and any time you have questions about fostering or adoption, please feel free to ask.

Katrina said...

thanks for stopping by my blog
i love to blog about my life and how God has helped me throuh my hard times and i hope he keeps me safe. thanks agian talk to you soon bye

Anonymous said...

Abby and I love Santa Baby. We were belting it out together when she was home.

I can't say I love doing laundry though. :0)


Octamom said...

I too find that a little updated grooming/hair/peidcure/new blouse, etc. can be a mood lifter for me! I used to worry that maybe I was being a bit shallow--but then I thought about how much instruction there is in the Old Testament regarding the priests' clothing and the way they were to groom, etc...and decided that maybe the Lord puts that need to spruce up within us!

Hmmmmm! ;o)



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