Thursday, March 19, 2009


Overheard today while I was loading the washing machine with yet another load of laundry:

Rylee, to Brock, my nephew, "I really wish there were six of us kids in my family!"

Awww! I love that she wants to be part of a big family! I asked her about it to be sure I had understood her correctly, and she confirmed that she would love there to be lots of kids. What a great kid. I'm happy to hear that as its always been a desire of both Matt and I to adopt from the Foster Care system. We also would like more biological children as well, so its likely that Rylee will get her wish ; )

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carole said...

Hi Jen. That is so cute! I think it's interesting how kids pick up on our own attitudes towards children. She's got a heart like her mommy's. :)


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