Monday, December 8, 2008

So funny...

This was an extremely funny interaction with Noah last night as I was putting Gracyn in her car seat to drive to my parents house for a birthday party;

Noah: Mom, where did we get her from? (referring to Gracie)

Me: I grew her in my tummy. Don't you remember how big my tummy got before Gracie was born?

Noah: Oh yeah, I forgot (followed by several chuckles).

Its terrible, but part of me wanted to joke with him and tell him we got her on sale at Walmart, just to see his reaction. But, I know inevitably, it would bite me in the butt. A few weeks later we would be out and about and an unsuspecting stranger would say something like, "Oh, is that your little sister?" And Noah would reply, "Yup, we got her at Walmart. She was on sale." Then, I would have to try to explain to the stranger why my son thinks his baby sister came from Walmart. I mean, I do spend a lot of time there, but seriously, I did give birth to her almost 11 pound self. I really have to remember to write down this conversation in one of their baby books. It was a keeper.


Kiley said...

You can say the most innocent thing and kids can turn it gotta laugh!

About us...I knew about baby when you made a comment about our crib being free when Isaac moved to the big boy bed. I wanted to respond, but wasn't ready to at the time :)!

Jen said...

That was pretty funny. I will pass the message onto Matt about if we need anything while I'm recovering. For some unknown reason....well ok I know the reason...he is worried about me taking it easy! I'm ready to just get on with the recovery. I hope you have a Merry CHRISTmas. I'm sorry we never got around to the ornament making day. Next year!


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