Thursday, May 15, 2008

"That's disgusting, right Mama?"

So this is one of those posts that only a mother could understand and appreciate. I cannot even believe I am going to tell this story, but I just have to. Its too funny to keep to myself. Several weeks ago Matt and Noah were working in our garage on Noah's power wheels. Noah started doing the "pee dance" with lots of urgency. You know the one, where you start dancing around holding yourself, trying not to go. Matt knew he could not get Noah up to the house fast enough to prevent an accident, so he told him to just go pee in the grass. Noah was quite reluctant at first, but since then, it has become his favorite thing to do. We will be playing outside, I'll turn around and find my little guy with his drawers around his ankles, proudly telling me, "I peed in the grass, Mama!"

Well, Tuesday I hear Noah calling me. I look over and he is down by our garage with his pants around his ankles again. I walk down there to see if he needs help pulling them up. He said, "Mama, I pooped in the grass!" His expression was a very proud one. I said, "You pooped in your pants?" and he says, "No! In the grass...see!" and proceeds to point to a spot a few feet away. Sure enough, there was the evidence, complete with buzzing flies and all. I think I must have said, "Oh Noah, that is disgusting! Honey, you can only pee in the grass, not poop, OK?" I got to thinking about it. It must be very confusing to him. We told him it was just fine to pee in the grass. We then expect he knows its taboo to poop in the grass. I guess we should have spelled it out for him. Yesterday, I was telling my sister, Missy, about the poop incident, and Noah chimes in, "That's disgusting, right?" Yes, Noah, that is disgusting.

Welcome to my world, folks!

Now, proceed to go and try to get that mental image out of your head. You know you'll be thinking about it the rest of the day. Hopefully it makes you chuckle.

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